5 Reasons Why You Should Get Married at Sunstone Winery

Inspiration • January 12, 2024

360 Degree Beauty!

Nestled in the rolling hills of Santa Ynez, Ca, is the outrageously stunning and exclusive wedding venue, Sunstone Winery.

This has to be our #1 favorite venue of all time.

Why you should get married there:

1. The Villa and Grounds Speak For Themself

Incredibly stunning. The architecture of the Villa paired with the expansive vineyards looks amazing on camera. The natural light through the Villa paired with the neutral tones of the stone and decor was super flattering. Don’t even get us started on how it looks at sunset!

2. Rent Out and Stay In The Villa

Don’t just show up for your wedding and leave! You can rent and stay in the Villa with all your favorite people. It’s huge.

3. Short Drive to Solvang, Ca.

The famous town of Solvang is worth a short trip! The drive is just about 10 minutes. Lot’s of shops, wine tasting rooms, and history.

4. Vineyard Sunsets

The sunsets are some of the best we have ever seen!

5. Many Options For Photo/Video Creativity

There are tons of rooms inside the Villa, I actually think we got lost. This gave us the ability to get creative with getting ready shots. Nothing felt crammed!

See for yourself how beautiful it is in Brianna and Brett’s Film!
View Sunstone Winery’s Website.

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