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Rora Film Co. is a boutique film company for lovers & adventurers.

On our way to Iceland for a wedding workshop, we looked out the small plane window and witnessed our first spectacular sighting of the Northern Lights (aka Aurora Borealis). That mesmerizing moment seeing something so majestic and beautiful, sparked the inspiration for our name, Rora Film Co. We wanted our work to represent exactly how the Northern Lights and Icelandic topography made us feel – captivated and completely in awe.

Our passion is for creating romantic stories filled with love, laughter, energy, and a hint of edge. It’s our pleasure and honor to work with couples like you, capturing the most intimate moments of your life that you will cherish forever. We can’t wait to tell your story!




(written by Jimmy)

Alexa is a passionate videographer who graduated from college as a graphic designer, but fell in love with telling stories through a lens. She has a unique eye for capturing the smallest details like the soft, quiet moments when a bride’s hand intertwines with her groom.

When she’s not on wedding duty, she finds herself exploring new coffee shops with me downtown, shamefully eating too much chips and guac at any hour of the day, and also cleaning/organizing her already way too clean apartment. She may have a little OCD, but don’t tell her I told you. Her goal in life is to witness as much of this world as she can, and meeting new creative people along the way.  She’s always challenging herself to hone in on her skills and experiment with new innovative ideas. Lastly, she adores her family and loves them so much, but doesn’t know how to incorporate that into this bio, so here it is, plain as can be. 


(written by Alexa)

Jimmy is one of the most outgoing people I know. He is so passionate about his work, that when you film with him, you will immediately feel it (and hear it). He shows how excited he is when he nails the perfect shot by yelling, “YAAASSS” repeatedly until he embarrasses me or the couple, whichever comes first. With a degree in music and a heavy jazz piano background, he really enjoys the art of fusing music and video together to create the perfect film. He has even produced his own scores for some of our films.

When Jimmy is off the camera or computer, you can find him at Starbucks ordering a double shot espresso with two pumps of pumpkin spice and a splash of almond milk (such a girl). Once he is highly caffeinated, he enjoys surfing at Sunset Cliffs, snowboarding in Utah and Big Bear, and playing acoustic and keys for our local church. Above all else, he enjoys pestering me with deep philosophical questions that are outside of my brain comprehension.  








We specialize in capturing adventurous weddings full of romance and raw emotion.



We provide visual solutions for creative businesses & communicate your company's ideas through video.



We help you relive your engagement story, proposal, and life's everyday adventures over and over.