Bobby & Janine at Paradise Falls


"Down" - Andrew Belle


Videography: Rora Film Co.
Venue: Paradise Falls
Photographer:  Elyse Whall
Florals: Soiree Design & Events
Makeup: Face by Raymie
Hair: Natalie Palmer & Madelyn Enochs
Coordinator: Paradise Falls

Paradise Falls is a quiet and beautiful venue, tucked away off the coast of Oceanside, CA.  This has become our home venue and what we love to call our family. We've shot here a handful of times and it's always a pleasure to work with people you love working with and who are so accommodating. Although many weddings were filmed here, Bobby & Janine's wedding sticks out to us the most and has a special place in our hearts. For all the video people out there, Bobby works for one of the greatest companies in the world (in our opinion), one of the leading companies creating 3D plugin's, SFX, VFX and of course the never ending incredible video tutorials. Working with someone who understands and loves pushing the envelope in video got us super excited because we were able to experiment with the most unique shots and really push the bar creatively.  Janine was also one of the easiest brides to work with and she didn't mind us getting 100 different shots and in multiple angles, even in the heat of the day! The energy of these two were complimented by their incredible family and friends who really made this party a blast and brought all the energy we needed for creating this super artsy film. Click Play and enjoy!

Rora Film Co