Brett & Chanel at Casino in San Clemente


"All Best" - Benjamin Gustafsson
"The Tracks" - Margolnick



Videography: Rora Film Co.
Venue: The Casino at San Clemente
Photographer: Brett Hickman
Dress: The Dress Theory
Coordinator: Robin Williams

We would have to say Brett & Chanel's wedding turned out to be one of our favorite wedding's of 2017 for so many reasons! Most weddings during the summer in Southern California involve long days of harsh sunlight and excessive heat. Fortunately enough for Brett & Chanel the coast of San Clemente gave us cloud cover all day and allowed us to get some super moody shots! They truly thought out every detail and brought nothing but perfection from the floral arrangements, to Chanel's perfectly designed dress, to the venue's massively all-white Groom's room. Brett even decided to add the extra touch of renting a pool table for the guys to play on...even though we didn't play a single game, we just shot a way too complicated "one shot" sequence. 

We also decided to start this film with Brett's letter to Chanel because we truly believed it captured the chemistry and story between Brett and Chanel,  two people who have been through so much, who laugh together, go on adventures together and can undoubtedly call each other best friends. We hope you enjoy this film as much as we enjoyed tagging along with Brett & Chanel and retelling their incredible story. 

Rora Film Co