Jarod & Melody, An Intimate Elopement in Big Sur, California


"Petrichor" - Longlake


Videography: Rora Film Co.
Venue: Fernwood Resort - Big Sur
Photographer: Rora Film Co.

Jarod and Melody's intimate wedding at the Fernwood Resort in Big Sur, California has to be one of the most amazing places we've shot. The redwoods, the greens, the mountains and coast line all come together to form a beautiful paradise of color. Jarod and Melody were so lively and had a down to earth spirit, it's no wonder they chose Fernwood Resort for their amazing ceremony. We were fortunate enough to be able to film their entire weekend. The first night consisted of homemade BBQ and drinks along with toasts from their best friends. The next morning they decided to set out for a sunrise hike where they were able to read their vows in private inside a circle of massive redwood trees.  Big Sur is one of the most majestic wedding venues we've shot yet and we can't wait to shoot there again!

Rora Film Co