Mitch & Lia | A South Carolina Wedding at the Lowndes Grove Plantation



Videography: Rora Film Co.
Venue: Lowndes Grove Plantation
Photographer: Monika Gauthier
Coordinator: Boutique Planning

We had the honor and privilege of flying out to South Carolina to be a part of Mitch and Lia's wedding and we have to say, the moment that we arrived the day before to the rehearsal we fell deeply in love with their spirits! You could tell immediately how much they cared for one another and for their families. We instantly knew this was going to be a heartfelt wedding full of tears and pure joy! The Lowndes Grove Plantation is a stunning venue inside and out with a beautiful 5 bedroom house that is elegantly decorated with a 3 story spiral staircase right in the middle. It sits on the bank of the Ashley River with a private dock that's perfect for sunset photos. If we could just film here every weekend I think we would!

Although the outside of the venue looked incredible, our favorite part about weddings is the heart that the guests have for the bride and groom, and the heart that bride and groom have for each other. It was so evident that Mitch and Lia were so loved and that everyone was in complete agreement with their marriage, not to mention they all came to get down and party like there was no tomorrow!

Rora Film Co