Your laid-back, beach-loving duo with a passion for the simple pleasures in life. We’re based in a small beach town outside of San Diego, Ca. Constantly torn between the city-life and the remote mountain-life, we’ve made it a priority to have a slow lifestyle no matter where we are! Whether it's catching waves, grabbing an iced espresso at our favorite local coffee shop, savoring popsicles with our little girl, or shooting hoops in the street, we thrive on the easygoing, slowed down, present time. And don't even get us started on those family dinners with friends – they're our favorite!  

we're so glad you made it this far. hi, we are jimmy & lex!

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When we're not behind the camera filming, our weekends kick off with hearty homemade breakfast, a workout, and a walk in our cute town—with a possible smoothie bowl pitstop for our little girl. Hitting the beach, staying active or discovering new places is what refreshes us. Travel for us, is when time slows down and we soak in the God-given beauty of this world – a feeling that fuels our creativity and our souls. We're on a journey to find the perfect balance. Whether it's the beach life, the hustle, or the mountains, we're all about living in the moment, setting our phones aside, and savoring the incredible world in front of us.

For over 8 years, we've been immersed in the world of wedding filmmaking, and it's not just a job to us. We truly love connecting with each of our couples, and that’s what we believe brings their story to life throughout the wedding film process. We’ve had the incredible privilege of becoming friends with so many of our couples and that sense of becoming part of their family is what makes our hearts full. We’re excited to connect with you and bring your full story to life! To learn more about the experience with us for your wedding, navigate to The Experience tab!